Supported Employment & Sales Training

My Names Tanya, I am the founder and sales director for SEST. I have over twenty years’ experience working in the telemarketing industry. I started to work on the SEST venture because I wanted to pass on my skills and abilities to individuals that would otherwise struggle to secure employment and are managing a physical or mental barrier. For such individuals in a lot of cases employment can become a challenging prospect.

Our social goal is to bridge the gap for individuals with barriers seeking to work in the telemarketing industry, we do this by using a supported learning training programme. This innovative process enables employment as an achievable goal the impact is to boost the confidence of our advisors by offering continuous training and support. In doing this we boost the confidence and self esteem which provides a strong sense of purpose.

Purpose is the motivation that drives you toward a satisfying future. It also helps you to get the most from the things you do and achieve. The dictionary tells us purpose is the reason something exists, an intended end; aim; or goal. Purpose creates meaning, offers a sense of direction and helps guide our paths, behaviour and our goals when applied to our lives

SEST has now become my purpose. To help give individuals a sense of direction when life seems impossible. To help individuals make decisions and achieve goals they never believed could be possible. To provide a meaningful, friendly, supported, satisfying place to work, where it is ok, not to be ok!


``Impossible, break it down and you'll see

I'm possible. It's true, nothing is impossible...``

SEST Model

Slide Step 1 Secure all call
centre contracts
Step 2 Recruit 6 trainees
with partner
Step 3 Deliver SEST training
Step 4 Set up job interviews for
trainees with external call
centres and SEST
Step 5 SEST to employ a
number of trainees
Step 6 Repeat cycle